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Quirk Information
Japanese Name 年齢
Rōmaji Name Nenrei
User Ko Masahiro
Quirk Description
Quirk Type n/a
Quirk Range Unknown
First Appearance

Age (年齢) is a Quirk which is utilized by Ko Masahiro.


Age is a Quirk which allows its user, Ko, to freely manipulate the age of anything he sees fit for a set duration of time. As such, the duration of time entirely depends on his stamina. If this were to be used on a large number of enemies, his stamina would deplete faster than if it were to be used on one enemy. The further forward, or back he sends something or someone in terms of age, will also further deplete stamina.

It seems that a side-effect of this power is that it reverts its user to an infant like form. As such, they can revert back to their adult form, whenever they want without any side effect of depleting stamina. This said, it seems that the user of this quirk could easily revert to his normal form whenever he or she may feel like it, however, Masahiro states that "It is great for undercover", which is why he stays in an infant form, to avoid attention.