"Your complete lack of Etiquette or form will simply not do. Very well, I'll beat it into you. Do your best to not loose too badly"


Akira was born to a mother out of Wedlock who aspired to be a hero, having the same Quirk as Akira she consumed too much caffeine and promptly died of cardiovascular complications. As a child Akira fought hard for recognition amongst the other students, trying to differentiate herself from the other orphans by studying and training very hard in hopes to attend UA, an endeavor she was successful in. In her first year Akira quickly climbed to the top of the class both in Academics and in combative training and often surpassing her teachers expectations, coming in the top 4 of her first year sports festival. Similarly in her second year she impressed the hero she was assigned an internship with to such a degree it was assumed UA was pranking them by sending what they saw as a Pro Hero.


Caffeine Rush is an activation Quirk in the enhancement family that allows the user to convert caffeine into physical power. By consuming caffeine Akira can boost her speed and strength to super human levels, being capable of keeping up with a car going 70 miles her hour for 4 minutes and lifting 400 lbs above her head 

Drawback: As it would seem the more caffeine Akira consumes the faster her heart beats, meaning she could send herself into a heart attack, due to training and tolerance level Akira can drink 7 64oz energy drinks safely whereas 9 is the lethal range.

Fighting Style


Anime female boxing-0


Akira is a trained and skilled boxer being a fan of American boxing and an Amateur boxer in Japan, Which is where she got her hero name of The Hard Hitting Hero Champion, both apt due to her quirk and literally accurate as she holds the Junior Division Championship Title. 


Contrary to her fighting style Akira wears a blue dress with leggings as her hero costume, this is to throw off her opponent and make them feel comfortable fighting her. In reality the dress is fused with Ballistic Fibers to protect against bullets as well as being water proof and insulated to guard against the cold. Her fighting gloves are padded with leather but contain a titanium set of knuckle dusters to amplify her strikes.


Akira is very calm and still as well as extremely observational, always paying attention to even the slightest detail from both her comrades and Enemies. She is very respectful to her elders and often volunteers at a retirement home in her spare time.

Akira also prides herself on being a friend to everyone, often paying extreme attention to the rules of ettiquette which she holds herself responsible for personally upholding.

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