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Atomic Destruction
Quirk Information
Japanese Name 原子崩しメルトダウナー
Rōmaji Name Genshi Kuzushi
User Kei Hanabi
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Long Range

Atomic Destruction (原子崩しメルトダウナー Genshi Kuzushi) is the Quirk of Kei Hanabi.


Atomic Destruction grants Kei the ability to fire highly destructive beams from his hands.

Kei manipulates particles and then accelerates them at the velocities high enough for them to exert a destructive force over great distances. Through either one of his palms, Kei creates a green energy orb and fires a powerful high-speed beam of light. This beam can cause flammable substances to explode with its heat alone.

He is capable of manipulating the size of his beams and prefers to use smaller ones to decrease its destructive force, as well as lessening his reload time. Kei can create two beams at once to combine their power and form one giant beam that is strong enough to easily melt through metal.


Atomic Destruction is incapable of rapid-fire and needs approximately three seconds to reload between each attack in exchange for the magnitude of power the Quirk provides, limiting Kei to firing only one beam at a time. Furthermore, his beams can only fire in one direction, which is the direction his palms are facing, making him vulnerable to sneak attacks if he isn't paying attention.

While his Quirk is extremely powerful and has great potential, repeated use will eventually result in throbbing pain to Kei's hands, arms, and shoulders from the recoil. Firing larger beams would also blow away Kei's body with the backlash and the reload time afterwards would take longer than usual, making him an easy target until he can recover.


Kei activates Atomic Destruction in its stationary form as a green energy orb, before firing a powerful particle beam at his target. He also launches alcohol-filled bombs toward his opponents then shoots his beams to make them explode. Due to his Quirk having enough power to be catastrophic, Kei is extremely useful in battling against non-living opponents (such as clones, golems, robots, etc.) as they do not restrict him from killing them.

Defensively, Kei can create a wall of energy as a form of barrier to disintegrate objects that are thrown at him. To compensate for the reload limitation of his Quirk and the amount of beams he can produce, he has to aim carefully in order to not leave himself open for an attack.


  • Atomic Destruction stems from the fusion of the Melting Point Quirk from his father and the Light Capture Quirk of his mother.
  • The concept of Atomic Destruction is based on Mugino Shizuri's Meltdowner abilities.