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Bestial Aura
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Quirk Information
Japanese Name スタットブースト
Rōmaji Name Yajū no yōna ōra
User Mickey Jonas
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emission
Quirk Range Variable
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1

Bestial Aura (野獣のようなオーラ Yajū no yōna ōra) is a Quirk that is used by a wide variety of people. The most notable user is Mickey Jonas.


The Quirk was created through genetics. However, over the decades it has mutated to the point of which the Quirk only allows users to access the aura of one specific animal. There are a few that can do more, however it's very rare. 


Bestial Aura is a Quirk that allows the user to envelope their body in an animal themed aura that gives them the traits and characteristics of whichever animal the user's aura is based off of, e.g. Mickey's Jaguar aura gives him enhanced speed and strength. Many Quirk users have trained their Quirk to the point of which they can produce Aura's that can be separated from their body.
Black Jaguar

Mickey using his Quirk

The Quirk has some weaknesses. One of which is that maintaining the aura cloak requires a lot of stamina.


Mickey Jonas

Mickey is a user of the Bestial Aura Quirk. His variant Bestial Aura: Jaguar allows him to cloak is body in a yellow aura and grants him various abilities such as enhanced strength, speed and sense of smell.