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This Wiki is a fanon site revolving around the manga series known as Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academia. As such, this site serves as a means for one to let loose with his or her own original ideas on the series, allowing them to characters, abilities, and more which are dedicated to Boku no Hero Academia as a whole. The manga series was created by Kōhei Horikoshi. We've had 6,887 articles since February 19, 2015.

Warning, there may be Spoilers on some pages throughout the course of the wiki, be warned, and proceed with caution!
General Synopsis
To give any newcomer a gist of the series; The story is set in the world we live in today, however, in this alternate dimension of our own world, 80% of the population have special abilities. As such, you either pick the side of the heroes, or villains. Our protagonist is a boy named Izuku Midoriya, as he strives to be the strongest hero, despite having no powers. Read the series as he strives to accomplish his dream.
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Hi, I’m Trevor

I make videos on YouTube.

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Trevor (about me)


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Fox-child-1 Fox-child-1 19 February

Tamaki Amajiki is just cute

Don't believe me

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If you don't know who Hikari is click here!

Happy valentines day! You can make a fanart of Hikari if ya want

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Hey, im bored out of my mind, do you guys wanna listen to my music, it's pretty crappy, you probably would just walk away from whatever device you have, and sit in the corner and ask yourself "why did i listen to it?" anyways, if you guys want to edit my page, ask me to give you permission and tell me what you would do, since i don't want to clean the crap you put down

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