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Quirk Information
Japanese Name ブレインストーミング
Rōmaji Name Bureinsutōmingu
User Satoshi Raui
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Medium Range

Brainstorm (ブレインストーミング Bureinsutōmingu) is the Quirk used by Satoshi Raiu.


Brainstorm gives Satoshi the ability to produce and manipulate electricity from his brain.

This Quirk has many useful applications, such as electrocuting enemies and disabling machinery. Satoshi can charge up his bio-electricity into a concentrated beam and launch it at his opponent to cause severe damage. He can also create electric force fields from his brain to blocks incoming attacks and shock anyone that touches it.

Satoshi appears to be able to telekinetically move objects using electromagnetism and control technological constructs from a special form of electrical telekinetic manipulation, allowing him to control the movement of machinery and operate them from a distance.


Brainstorm requires intense concentration to be able to function properly; otherwise, the user can make many mistakes and endanger those around him. The use of more advanced techniques that demand for Satoshi's complete focus will leave him open for enemies to attack while he is preoccupied. Lastly, if he goes beyond his wattage limit, Satoshi's brain will short-circuit and he will experience intense migraines for a period of one to two hours.


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