"This courageous, natural-born genius had his promising future as a hero ripped from his hands. However, having no legs didn't mean he was going to stop there." - Skydek
Hikaru Miyake, (Hero Name: Frailectron) is a student at Shiketsu High.
Hikaru Miyake
Biographical Information
Personal Description
Birthday 5/23
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 7'00" (Battle Configuration)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type
Quirk Connection
Status Alive
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Alive)
Occupation Bullet Team Member (Former)
Pro Hero
Affiliation Bullet Team (Former)
Fighting Style
Base of Operations
Entrance Exam
Quirk Apprehension
Class' Grades
Voice Actor




Chad Darcy had massive potential as a child. He was ahead of his classmates in not just academics, but in also natural combat ability. He aced the mock exams and was set to take the test to get into Yuuei. However, the morning of the exam, Miyake lost his legs in a horrific traffic accident that also killed his father.

Missing out on the exam, he had to give up on his dream of entering Yuuei and becoming a Pro Hero. This was reinforced by his mother who became overprotective of him as a result of the accident. He suffered a deep depression that lasted for years. Bound to a motorized wheelchair, Miyake continued school, where he was subject to bullying.

While in school, he convinced himself that his dream of becoming a hero was "dead." However, a chance encounter with a villain showed

One day, he saw the mother of his school bully being robbed, and while everyone stood idly waiting for a hero to arrive, Miyake reabbed onto a street lamp, tapped into the local power grid, and manipulated other street lamps in the area, using their electricity to create a barrier thet would prevent the villain from escape.


Connection: This is Miyake's signature quirk, the ability to connect his body to machines and take control of their functions and potentially transform them. Though he is crippled, he uses this quirk to make full use of his Turbo Wheelchair to transform into a giant weaponized battle-ready robot which can also turn into a fast vehicle. With the many ways he can configure his wheelchair, Miyake has incredible versatility in combat. He has access to a variety of weapons such as an assault rifle, chainsaw, and a railgun that fires electromagnetic rounds.

  • Battle Configuration: This is Miyake's bread-and-butter method of fighting, by transforming his wheelchair into a 7 foot tall robot equipped with assault rifle, chainsaw, and rainlguns. The robot is more of a mech-suit, and also monitors his vitals and has other functions such as healing his body from injury. The suit also can assist with aiming his weapons, and as such, this earned him the title, Aimbot"
    • Electron Howitzer: Miyake's special move draws in air and separates electron particles from it within an installed device in his Turbo Wheelchair, then fires a high-voltage, low-velocity projective at a high trajectory that deals massive explosive electric damage in an area of effect. Meant to be used medium to long range.
    • Electron Sabre:
  • Transport Configuration: This is another transformation of his wheelchair that allows for hi-speed movement in battle and in everyday life.