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Chisei Himitsu (秘密 知性 Himitsu Chisei) is a student of the U.A. High school and attends Class 2-A there. He is operating under the Hero Alias Aspireavor (努力する). He is the son of the Villain Furin Himitsu and the German Pro Hero Elvira Himitsu. He also has an older sister named Nina Himitsu who lives in Germany and practices as a doctor of medicine.


Chisei has a muscular figure but has not grown in the past three years. He has black medium length hair which becomes lighter the longer it gets. This change in color relates to its past and future. He has Crimson red eyes and a V-shaped face. He wears two helix piercings on his right ear. He usually wears two chains on his neck. A very simple one made of leather and one made of black metal with a black Christ cross (it is not religious.)

He also wears a white t-shirt and a thin dark blue jacket with small floral patterns on the ends of the sleeves. On the left arm, he has a scar that extends over his entire arm and on the right middle finger he wears a ring. He wears two black belts around the waist and destroyed jeans. Finally, he wears black and red sneakers which he stole from his sister.


Chisei is a very intelligent person who can therefore easily be viewed as arrogant. In principle he is a very nice guy who can also be very spirited.

On the other hand, since childhood he has suffered from inferiority complexes based on the fact that he was born without his own quirk and only received one from his hated father. Often he is of the opinion that he doesn't deserve to attende to the U.A. High. He has also suffered from mild PTSD since he found his mother's lifeless body. Today he can handle it, but now and then has trouble sleeping.

He is also a notorious perfectionist.

At the age of 15 he met his first boyfriend Keisuke Kurama, who died in an accident after just a few weeks. Based on this experience, Chisei decided to move to Japan and attend U.A. High School in order to spare other people the blows of fate that he himself had to go through. At the U.A. High he finally got to know people who perceive him in a completely new way, which is really good for him.

Every Sunday he visits a shrine to pray for Keisuke.


Chisei was born in Germany on December 31, 2183 as the first and only son of the German superhero Elvira Himitsu and the villain Furin Himitsu who was hiding in Germany at that time. He grew up quite normally in a seemingly normal family as a born Quirkless. However, when his mother died when he was just 5 years old, he, his sister and his father moved to Berlin. On the first night in Berlin, Chisei received the All for All Quirk from his father. During the following 8 years, Furin tried to get Chisei to his side, but he didn't succeed. In August 2193, Furin was convicted of the murder of his wife Elvira by the GHA and was then locked up in Tartarus in his home country of Japan.

Chisei distanced himself from his family in the months that followed, went outside and met various people. There he met the North Korean Keisuke Kurama with whom he fell in love pretty quickly.

Shortly after Chisei got together with Keisuke, he discovered his hidden Quirk All for All. In the following three weeks he learned how to use the quirk by regularly absorbing Keisukes and his sister Nina's quirk. He learned from Keisuke's guidance how to use his Quirk Fireblaze.

A few weeks later, both of them were involved in a villain attack on Alexanderplatz. Chisei was hit by a fire quirk on his left arm, which resulted in such a severe burn that can still be seen today as a large burn scar on his arm. Keisuke, however, was fatally hit in the upper body by a piece of rubble from a building when they tried to flee from the scene. The debris pierced his lungs and he was taken to the hospital. While he was dying in the ICU, he told Chisei to absorb his quirk one last time so he could see his flames on Chisei one last time. Chisei complied and then watched Keisuke die with a smile.

A day later, Chisei noticed that Keisuke's quirk didn't disappear as normal after a day. He and his sister found out that the quirks he absorbed would stay with him forever if the original user died within those 24 hours.

After Chisei could cope with the loss of his mother and Keisuke to some extent and the hatred of his father developed completely, he decided to move to Japan himself shortly before school started in 2194 to attend the U.A. High. He did this, firstly, to comply with his mother's wishes and, secondly, to keep an eye on his father. Since then he has been visiting him every month for 10 minutes. Chisei is currently attending Grade 2-A of U.A. High School in the hero department.


  • Trained Muscles: Chisei is very physically trained. This physical strength does not exceed that of most.
  • Overall Abilities: All in all, Chisei is an extremely capable person. Be it his physical skill, his strength, his intellect or his quirk.
  • Master Combatant: He has done a lot of martial arts since childhood. Therefore, he masters several different martial arts: Kickboxing, MMA and 抜き足, ​Nukiashi. Nukiashi combined with his reactionspeed is his favorite technique.
  • Immense Agility: In addition to his normal strength and endurance training, he also did a lot of gymnastics and danced. His mobility is therefore extraordinary.
  • Keen Intellect: Chisei has an IQ of 156 and is able to implement the most accurate probability calculations. In addition, his strategic thinking is superhuman.
  • Musical Talent: Chisei is very musical. He plays the violin, electric bass, drums, harp, and piano.


All for All (オール・フォー・オール Ōru Fō Ōru): The quirk that Chisei received from his father Furin Himitsu when he was 5 years old. He knows the function of the Quirk and has only used it twice so far.

Chisei has absorbed following Quirks with his ability, including:

  • Fireblaze (火炎 Kaen): Fireblaze is the quirk from Keisuke Kurama. Chisei absorbed it once to demonstrate to Keisuke the function of his Quirk All for All. Chisei owns the quirk to this day, since Keisuke passed away during the time Chisei owned the quirk.

Temporarily Quirks

  • Healing (癒し Iyashi): Chisei briefly absorbed Healing from his sister. It was the first quirk that he had ever absorbed.

Rage Mode Quirks

When Chisei gets into "Rage Mode", further quirks are activated for reasons that are still unknown:

  • Air Cannon (空気を押し出す Kūki o Oshidasu): With Air Cannon, Chisei is able to fire an extremely strong blast of air in the form of wind pressure surges over his arms. He can only use them during his Rage Mode and mostly uses them for defensive purposes by fending off opponents or various attacks with blasts of air.
  • Air Walk  (エアウォーク Ea Wōku): With Air Walk, Chisei is able to float at a maximum height of 20 meters above the ground. In the air it is just as fast / slow as if it were running normally.
  • Forced Quirk Activation 個性強制発動 Kosei Kyōsei Hatsudō): With Forced Quirk Activation, Chisei is able to form tentacle-like limbs on two fingers per hand. These have a maximum range of 15 meters. He mostly uses this quirk on the offensive to attack, grab or throw away opponents. In theory, Chisei can use it to forcefully activate other people's quirks. But he has never used the Quirk like this until today.

Super Moves

  • Greenfire Combat (グリーンファイアコンバット Gurīnfaiakonbatto): Chisei concentrates his green flames optionally on his extremities to increase his normal combat strength. He prefers to do this with his fists.
  • Fire Pillar (火の柱 Hi no hashira): Chisei creates a pillar of fire with a circular motion which he can roughly control.
    • Fire Pillar - Prison ((火の柱 - 刑務所 Hi no hashira - Keimusho): Chisei controls the pillar of fire in such a way that he can use it to lock enemies in and prevent them from fleeing.
  • Green Impact (グリーンインパクト Gurīn'inpakuto): Chisei crosses his arms and concentrates the green flames on his arms, increasing their intensity. As soon as the flames shine bright green, he unleashes them with an opening arm movement. This creates a large flame explosion in its immediate vicinity. This technique is primarily used for defense.
  • Prominence Burn (プロミネンスバーン Purominensu Bān): After long training, Chisei managed to imitate Endeavor's strongest move. For this he collects and increases his entire strength on his entire body and launch a single massive attack. Similar to the original, this Prominence Burn is able to burn an opponent close to ashes, but Chisei can only use this move once, as it costs too much strength and repeated use increases the risk of massive self-harm.

Rage Mode

All for One uses a move similar to Air Impact

  • Air Impact (空気の影響 Kūki no eikyō): Chisei can only use this technique in rage mode. Chisei gathers his strength and fires a massive blast of air. If this hits opponents, they are catapulted away. But when it hits the ground, it triggers a strong shock wave which pulls the surrounding area away with it.



4/6 B
4/6 B
3/6 C-
6/6 S-
Absorb Quirks
2/6 D+
Chisei's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book

Rage Mode

6/6 S+
6/6 S+
5/6 A+
4/6 B
6/6 S+
Chisei's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book



Elvira Himitsu

Elvira was Chisei's mother and comes from Germany. They always had a very good relationship with each other. Chisei loves her very much and looked up to her as the number 1 hero in Germany. Now, twelve years after her death, Chisei often has trouble remembering her face. Therefore, he always carries a picture of her in his wallet.

Furin Himitsu

Furin Himitsu is the father of Chisei and comes from Saitama, Japan. He is an incredibly arrogant and narcissistic man who has often been involved in illegal matters. He also murdered his wife Elvira Himitsu and has been in Tartarus maximum security prison ever since. Among other things, this has to do with his quirk. Chisei hates him above all and thinks his father deserves the death penalty. To tell him that and to torture him mentally, he visits his father every month.

Nina Himitsu

Nina is Chisei's older sister and works as a doctor of medicine in Germany. Their relationship has become very close since her mother's death and her father's imprisonment since Nina had to be a kind of surrogate mother for Chisei. But with the support of the state, she managed to raise Chisei and study medicine. Now that he lives in Japan, Chisei is in close contact with his sister because she regularly gives him financial support. The two siblings meet every six months in either Japan or Germany and spend a week together. Chisei enjoys this family contact very much because she is the last remaining family. In his opinion.

U.A. High School Faculty

in work

Class 2-A

Alice Miracle

Kasu Kirishima

Norika Tokizaki

Eugeo Hirashige

Sasori Yamamoto


Keisuke Kurama


  • Chisei's surname contains the kanji for "secret" (秘密 himitsu), and his first name the kanji for "intelligence" (知性 chsei)
  • Chisei's heroic name pays homage to Endeavor. One of the greatest heroes who fought in the Paranormal Liberation War. It means "to strive".
    • Chisei is a great Endeavor fan, possibly due to the fire quirk he has absorbed.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He has an IQ of 156.
  • He shares his birthday with Yuki Hayashi, the head composer of Boku no Her Academia.
  • Actually, like his sister Nina Himitsu, he has to wear glasses. But he doesn't.
  • He suffers from apiphobia. That means he is terrified of everything that is buzzing.
  • His favorite food is the lunch rush tempura from the U.A. canteen. and fat American hamburgers.
  • He doesn't have a favorite color, but prefers the contrasts black and white.
  • Chisei's known academic data at U.A. is as follows:
  • His zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • He masters the ancient fighting technique 抜 き 足, Nukiashi.
  • Doesn't think much of politics and endorses some aspects of anarchy.
  • The appearance of Chisei was developed by L.L. elaborated and the final Civil version is drawn by @normalgirllol on Instagram.
  • The appearance of Chisei was developed by L.L. elaborated and the final U.A. Student version is drawn by @normalgirllol on Instagram.
  • The appearance of Chisei was developed by L.L. elaborated and the final Rage Mode version is drawn by @normalgirllol on Instagram.
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