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Class 2-A
Location Status
Kanji 2(二つ)A(エイ)
Rōmaji Ni-nen Ei-gumi
Located in U.A. High School
Controlled by Isan Jooryoku
First Appearance
Debut Our Hero Academia: Chapter 1

Class 2-A (2(二つ)A(エイ)Ni-nen Ei-gumi) is one of the homeroom classes in U.A.'s Hero Department. It is a second year class, meaning that each member of the classroom has had some time to train as heroes. The main characters of the Fanon storyline, Our Hero Academia, are all in this class.


As a second year class, Class 2-A has had some time to train as heroes, having undergone the same school trips and their own iteration of the Sports Festival during their time as first years. As such, they are overall considered superior to first year students, but generally inferior to third year students. Class 2-A is also notable for having one of the few students to have ever been transferred into the hero course from general studies, Zenji Kaisei, a testament to the current skill level and intelligence that Class 2-A possesses. Despite a few snags, the class sees the members as an extended family of sorts, and all care for each other's well-being.


Class 2-A
Portrait 4.png Portrait 3.jpg RaiMug.jpg Portrait 2.png Portrait 1.jpg
Isan Jooryoku Atem Moto Rai Hikaru Eki Yoiowari Li Jie
Homeroom Teacher Foundational Hero Studies Teacher Modern Hero Art History Teacher Science
Portrait 44.jpg KaiMug.png
Heather Lyton Kai Megane


Class 2-A
Jirou Uniform.png
Jirou Tezuka
Seat No. 1
Jack Daniels
Seat No. 2
Griselle Hideaki
Seat No. 3
Tali Shimamura
Seat No. 4
Dante Shimamura
Seat No. 5
School Uniform.jpg
Saori Yamamoto
Seat No. 6
Sakuya Boxed.JPG
Sakuya Akaibara
Seat No. 7
Kinzoku Kusari
Seat No. 8
Leonid Petrov
Seat No. 9
Nero Squared.JPG
Nero Diyos
Seat No. 10
Zenji Kaisei
Seat No. 11
Joho Gijutsu
Seat No. 12
Portrait 19.png
Ryuji Adachi
Seat No. 13
Jikan Yameru
Seat No. 14
Rei English
Seat No. 15
Isabella Flynn
Seat No. 16

Mickey Tutone
Seat No. 17

Aiko Kowareta
Seat No. 18

Miranda Amastacia
Seat No. 19
Midori Crane
Seat No. 20

Former Students

Class 2-A
Katsuro Kairi
Seat No. 14
Ava Rizal
Seat No. 9
Izanagi Kiyoshi
Seat No. 7
Akira Wareashi
Seat No. 10

Student Information


Ranked from tallest to shortest

  1. Jack Daniels 190cm/6'3"
  2. Dante Shimamura 188cm/6'2"
  3. Kinzoku Kusari 188cm/6'2"
  4. Tali Shimamura 185cm/6'1"
  5. Izanagi Kiyoshi 185cm/6'1"
  6. Ryuji Adachi 185cm/6'1"
  7. Rei English 185cm/6'1"
  8. Mickey Tutone 183cm/6'
  9. Leonid Petrov 181cm/5'11"
  10. Zenji Kaisei 181 cm 5'11"
  11. Jikan Yameru 175cm/5'9"
  12. Jirou Tezuka 172cm/5'8"
  13. Aiko Kowareta 172 cm/5'8"
  14. Midori Crane 172 cm/5'8"
  15. Joho Gijutsu 170cm/5'7"
  16. Griselle Hideaki 168cm/5'6"
  17. Isabella Flynn 168cm/5'6"
  18. Saori Yamamoto 165cm/5'5"
  19. Miranda Amastacia 158cm/5'2"
  20. Sakuya Akaibara 158cm/5'2"


Ranked from oldest to youngest

  1. Jack Daniels : April 8
  2. Tali Shimamura : December 23
  3. Miranda Amastacia : April 19
  4. Jikan Yameru : April 28
  5. Aiko Kowareta : June 14
  6. Mickey Tutone : June 17
  7. Rei English : July 1
  8. Midori Crane : August 1
  9. Leonid Petrov: November 2
  10. Zenji Kaisei : November 11
  11. Kinzoku Kusari : November 24
  12. Griselle Hideaki : December 9
  13. Saori Yamamoto : December 13
  14. Dante Shimamura : December 31
  15. Izanagi Kiyoshi : February 24
  16. Ryuji Adachi : March 8
  17. Joho Gijutsu : March 13
  18. Isabella Flynn : March 17
  19. Sakuya Akaibara : March 20
  20. Jirou Tezuka : March 23

Quirk Apprehension Test Rankings

  1. Tali Shimamura
  2. Jirou Tezuka
  3. Saori Yamamoto
  4. Joho Gijutsu
  5. Akira Wareashi
  6. Ryuji Adachi
  7. Kinzoku Kusari
  8. Dante Shimamura
  9. Zenji Kaisei
  10. Mickey Tutone
  11. Jack Daniels
  12. Katsuro Kairi
  13. Isabella Flynn
  14. Aiko Kowareta
  15. Rei English
  16. Izanagi Kiyoshi
  17. Miranda Amastacia
  18. Ava Rizal
  19. Griselle Hideaki
  20. Midori Crane

Midterm Rankings

  1. Griselle Hideaki
  2. Miranda Amastacia
  3. Leonid Petrov
  4. Aiko Kowareta
  5. Joho Gijutsu
  6. Tali Shimamura
  7. Kinzoku Kusari
  8. Zenji Kaisei
  9. Mickey Tutone
  10. Akira Wareashi
  11. Ryuji Adachi
  12. Isabella Flynn
  13. Dante Shimamura
  14. Saori Yamamoto
  15. Izanagi Kiyoshi
  16. Rei English
  17. Midori Crane
  18. Jack Daniels
  19. Jirou Tezuka
  20. Jikan Yameru

Final Exams Results

  1. Jirou Tezuka: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  2. Jack Daniels: Written - Passed, Practicals - Failed
  3. Griselle Hideaki: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  4. Tali Shimamura: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  5. Dante Shimamura: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  6. Saori Yamamoto: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  7. Izanagi Kiyoshi: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  8. Kinzoku Kusari: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  9. Leonid Petrov: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  10. Akira Wareashi: Written - Passed, Practicals - Failed
  11. Zenji Kaisei: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  12. Joho Gijutsu: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  13. Ryuji Adachi: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  14. Jikan Yameru: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  15. Rei English: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  16. Isabella Flynn: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  17. Mickey Tutone: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  18. Aiko Kowareta: Written - Passed, Practicals - Passed
  19. Miranda Amastacia: Written - Passed, Practicals - Failed
  20. Midori Crane: Written - Passed, Practicals - Failed


  • Anyone that wishes to have a character join this class should just notify Dwarf, although the maximum is two characters per user.
    • In order to join the class, one must follow these rules:
      1. A submitted student must at least have a completed personality section and Quirk description before submitting the character for review.
      2. If one's Quirk doesn't seem destructive enough to allow them to pass the U.A. entrance exam, an explanation must be given upon request for they would have accomplished this.
      3. The student could not have initially failed the entrance exam and have switched in later from General Studies at U.A., although a transfer from another school's Hero Course is permissible.
      4. The user in question must have a Discord account, as all of our planning is done on Discord.
      5. After Dwarf reviews the character, the members of Class 2-A will vote on whether or not to allow the character to join the class.
    • Currently the class is full, but positions can become available in the event of someone dropping out.
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