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Quirk Information
Japanese Name コメディー
Rōmaji Name Komedī
User Ko Kaetsu
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Long Range

Comedy (コメディー Komedī) is the Quirk used by Ko Kaetsu.


Comedy allows Ko to make anyone who listens to his jokes burst into laughter.

Comedy is willingly activated by Ko as he can tell funny stories and bad puns without forcing his audience to laugh at them. Victims of this Quirk will laugh so intensely that it incapacitates them, dropping their guard since they cannot think or take action to defend themselves. The effects of Comedy lasts several seconds for one joke before Ko can follow up with another one. Once the victims have calmed down, they are followed by a euphoric feeling that leaves them dazed for approximately three seconds.

By forcing his targets to laugh uncontrollably, their Quirks may deactivate as they are too busy laughing to properly utilize them. It is shown that Ko has a wide range and can affect multiple targets at once.


The influence of Comedy can be avoided simply by not listening to Ko. This can be done by covering the ears and blocking out his voice, removing all sound, or even cancelling out his Quirk by using another source of sound with louder volume.

Listening to Ko indirectly through electronic devices that transmit or enhance his voice will also render the effects unsuccessful.


Ko's main battle tactic is to first make his opponents laugh, then attacks them while they are distracted. He can also find hidden targets by loudly telling jokes since anyone who hears them will be unable to hold back their laughter. These were first demonstrated in the Battle Trial with Class 1-Sun, where Ko searches for Yuto's team and yells out a bad pun, causing the opposing team to laugh out loudly and reveal their location. He was able to make Yuto deactivate his Quirk by forcing him to intake air through laughter, then immediately attacked him with a punch to the stomach.

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