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Diamond Craft
Quirk Information
Japanese Name ダイヤモンドクラフト
Rōmaji Name Daiyamondo Kurafuto
User Tamami Hoshizora
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Medium Range

Diamond Craft (ダイヤモンドクラフト Daiyamondo Kurafuto) is the Quirk used by Tamami Hoshizora.


Diamond Craft allows the user to create objects using diamonds, as well as telekinetically control their movement.

By compressing the carbon in the air and molding it simultaneously, Tamami can construct more elaborate shapes than that of her mother's Diamond Creation and use them for offensive, defensive or miscellaneous purposes. Tamami has shown to be able to form them from simple inanimate objects to more complex structures such as appendages and creatures. She can manipulate the diamond constructs with her mind, allowing her to telekinetically move or even animate them, which is something Diamond Creation is unable to do.

Unlike the Creation Quirk which uses different elements to construct its objects, Tamami can only make things out of diamond. Inversely, users of Diamond Craft are not limited from production by their body because they use carbon found in the air for their crafting. If her diamonds are destroyed, they turn back into carbon; Tamami can also dispel them willingly.


Similarly to her mother's Diamond Creation, the diamonds are susceptible to breakage or shattering from high-frequency waves and vibration, such as Ukyo Wakunari's Overdrive, which can destroy her diamonds using the intense vibrations of his sound waves.


With her diamond constructs, Tamami can makeshift anything to help her offensively, defensively, or support her allies. Though she is unable to create other materials with her Quirk, she can still use her Diamond Craft to build a multitude of objects to assist her and other people. Her ability to telekinetically control the diamonds also grants her the capability of flight by crafting a kite and riding on top of it to transport her in the air.

Super Moves

  • Brilliant Dome (ブリリアントドーム Buririanto Dōmu): Tamami creates a dome made of diamond to block attacks and keep her protected inside. Because her diamonds are durable and resistant to heat, it is a nearly impenetrable shield.
  • Giant Knuckle Punch (ジャイアントナックルパンチ Jaianto Nakkuru Panchi): Tamami punches the air at the direction of her target and conjures a large diamond knuckle as a projectile.
    • Giant Knuckle Consecutive Punch (ジャイアント ナックル コンセキュティブ パンチ Jaianto Nakkuru Konsekyutibu Panchi): A variation of her Giant Knuckle Punch where Tamami repeatedly punches the air to conjure numerous diamond knuckles at once.
  • Diamond Flock (ダイアモンド フロックDaiamondo Furokku): Tamami crafts small birds made out of diamond and telekinetically controls them to fly towards the target and attack them.
  • Nine Fox Tails (ナインフォックステール Nainfokkusutēru): Tamami conjures nine appendages from her back to grab or pierce her enemies.
  • Iron Maiden (アイアンメイデン Aianmeiden): Tamami crafts a large container filled with sharp spikes and encases something inside it. This can deal massive damage to enemies and even kill them.
  • Dazzling Clones (ダズリング クローンズ Dazuringu Kurōnzu): Tamami creates diamond clones of herself to either distract the enemy or attack them on her behalf. She can only make two clones at a time because it takes a lot of concentration to control their movements.


  • Diamond Craft is a fusion of her mother's Diamond Creation and an unnamed Crafting Quirk from her father.