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Divine Sun
Quirk Information
Japanese Name 神の太陽
Rōmaji Name Kami no Taiyō
User Akiharu Asahina

Himawari Asahina

Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Long Range

Divine Sun (神の太陽 Kami no Taiyō) is the Quirk used by Akiharu and Himawari Asahina.


Divine Sun allows the user to release solar energy from their body in the form of energy discs. The halo above their head absorbs sunlight during the day and it stores light into the user's body. The stored light causes the user's skin, hair, and halo to glow and radiate warmth. Due to the Quirk's nature, the user is immune to heat because their body is dependent on solar energy to convert into vitality— similar to the function of a solar panel.

Users can shoot white hot energy discs from their body which leave behind an explosion upon contact. Their energy discs emit a strong heat that can incinerate anything they slice. They are also able to release a strong blast of energy by concentrating their power output at an intersection of two discs around their body.


Since there is no sunlight during night, she cannot use her Quirk too much or else she will deplete all her stored solar energy and black out. This also applies to when she overuses her Quirk and releases too much solar energy, thus she won't be able to move or just falls unconscious immediately afterwards.




  • Divine Sun was inspired by the mutant ability of Alex Summers from the X-Men.