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Empathy Bond
Quirk Information
Japanese Name 共感絆
Rōmaji Name Kyōkan Kizuna
User Sumire Nobuyuki
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Medium Range

Empathy Bond (共感絆 Kyōkan Kizuna) is a Quirk used by Sumire Nobuyuki.


Empathy Bond allows Sumire to share sensations or emotions with others and also manipulate them.

Sumire can sense and interpret the emotions of everyone around her. Not to be confused with mind reading, Empathy Bond grants Sumire the ability to perceive the thoughts of a person relating to a certain emotion they are feeling. The stronger emotion the target feels, the easier it is for Sumire to decipher the cause of their mood or the intent of their actions. She can also project her own emotions onto someone else, making them feel what she is feeling.

With enough concentration, she is able to alter emotions and manipulate certain sensations. She can make a stubborn person compliant or an angry person calm down. She can also ease someone's physical pain through emotions and forcibly turn someone submissive to the point of unconsciousness.

Sumire needs to be within 50 meters of her target for the emotion manipulation to take effect. Her eyes glow purple whenever her empathetic perception is in use.


Empathy Bond cannot be turned off so Sumire is constantly aware of people's emotions unless she distracts herself from it. Feeling too many emotions at once can overwhelm Sumire and make her mentally drained after using her Quirk for too long. Continued strain will eventually result in headaches and sometimes even nausea.

Non-organic beings such as robots are not affected by Empathy Bond since they do not feel any emotion.


Sumire unconsciously feels people's emotions when they are near her, though this is because her Empathy Bond is always active. She rarely ever makes other people feel her own emotions, but she admits to accidentally doing this at times when she is overwhelmed by intense feelings or after bottling up many negative emotions for too long. The times that Sumire has willingly used her Quirk on others is when she tries to de-escalate certain situations, usually by putting the offending party to sleep or calming a victim from a panic attack. During her training with the Hero Course in dealing with disaster zone rescue missions, she has effectively taken away Denki's pain after he was injured while also soothing him from his fears.

Super Moves

  • Sleep (眠る Nemuru): Sumire can manipulate someone to become more docile and put them unconscious for a few hours.
  • Calm Down (落ち着く Ochitsuku): Sumire placates her target by subduing their strong negative emotions.
  • Fear (恐れ Osore): Sumire induces immense fear into her opponent in order to restrain them by paralyzing them with terror.