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Eri Lilian Aizawa (相澤えり, Aizawa Eri) is the youngest adoptive child of Shouta Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada and the youngest adoptive sister of Hitoshi, Katsuki, and Izuna. After being rescued from Kai Chisaki, Eri had formed a parental sibling bond with Katsuki, Izuna, and Hitoshi, and after convincing their parents, she was adopted into their family.


Eri is a small, young girl with pale blue-grey hair and red eyes. She has a small horn on the upper-right side of her head, this horn appears to grow in conjunction with her Rewind Quirk. Due to Overhaul's experiments of disassembling and reassembling her, she has a number of scars across her arms.


Rewind (きし/巻き戻し Maki Modoshi?)

Eri's Quirk allows her to rewind the state of a living being, this includes her reverting a person's age and, as shown with her father, being able to rewind a person out of existence.

She is able to use this power to revert injuries as well as allow Midoriya to use One For All: Full Cowl - 100% by preventing the power from harming him. Aizawa also remarks that Rewind could be used to help restore Mirio's Quirk. When active, an unknown energy flows from the horn on Eri's head. This Quirk was not present in Eri's blood line and is instead a result of an extremely rare genetic mutation.

Due to her young age, Eri has no control over her Quirk and fears it harming others. It's dangerous power makes it difficult to train, given that it can only be used on living beings. After training with the help of Aizawa, Eri was able to use Rewind with success by practicing on bugs and lizards. At Mirio's request, Eri successfully restored his Quirk.