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Eye of the Angel(天使の目) is a quirk used by Ariel. Eye of the Angel turns the user into an angelic like figure it is the counterpart of Mark of the Demon which is the quirk of her brother.


This quirk can be used in an offensive or a supportive way. When she first activates her quirk her eyes turn into a triskelion and she emits are loving or a light aura. Her wings are strong enough to lift another person.

When she activates her quirk she grows wings and her powers are unleashed. She can make light particles that transform into a dazzling sphere of light that can break apart bodies or is can cause physical damage. She can also counteract negative effects, such as severe injuries to even strong poisonous acid. She can also recover health and stamina or clear the mind of someone.

Ariel has a hard time controlling her quirk so sometimes she can go overbroad. If she keeps using her quirk without a break than she can pass out.

 Named Techniques 

  • Light the burns the sky (火は空を燃やす) She gathers in her palm and the light grows into a giant sphere and then she throws the sphere at her enemy.
  • Healing wave (ヒーリング・ウェーブ) She gathers her healing abilities and shot it out in a wave to heal multiple people.
  • Dazzle (眩惑) She makes a bright light in her palms and shot it out to blind her enemies to make an escape or to strike at her enemy well they are distracted.