Gregorio Spartan
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Biographical Information
Personal Description
Birthday Jan 21
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 5 foot 10
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Purple
Blood Type
Quirk "The Gate"
Status Active
Family Dead
Occupation Hero / Teacher
Affiliation U.A. High School
Fighting Style
Base of Operations
Entrance Exam unknown
Quirk Apprehension (Optional)
Class' Grades
Voice Actor


Gregorio , or Gregorio Spartan is one of the laziest Super Heros out there. He did not even bother to change his name for his New Super Hero persona. This is partially due to the fact that he has no family for anybody to go after and the fact that he can careless about the media attention.


Gregorio wears a purple hooded jacket, a white shirt, white pants, and knee high boots. His hair goes down to his shoulders and is kept in a natural flow.


As I stated before Gregorio is lazy, but that only comes into play when dealing with himself. When others lives are in danger he hops into action like any other hero. However when it comes to his personal life, and job as a teacher, he is more of a go with the flow kind of person. He does things at a slow pace and tries to relax as much as possible.

Most people would see this as simply laziness, and there is some truth behind it. However Gregorio's laid back personality was not always this way. It was molded this way by Gregorio himself. To control his powers he needs lots of concentration and being stressed out makes it even harder to control. So Gregorio switched to a more calm and easy going way of doing things. This allows him to gain greater control over his power and not let it run rampant like he use to in the past.

Power and Abilities


The Gate

Way of Fighting

Most of the time there is not much a fight when Gregorio steps on the scene. He prefers to simply sit back determine who is the enemy and then open the gate and sends his chains to clean up. However when there is a fight Gregorio uses a combination of Karate, Kick Boxing, judo, and his Quirk powers to deal with the enemy.

Most people don't realize that Gregorio's gate is an actual physical object. So when Gregorio brings it up he can use to to do physical damage. When he fights Gregorio might not immediately open it up, most of the time he does not open it when he is in highly populate areas, and instead use it as a flying bludgeon object that he sends flying around with a movement of his wrist. Before he leaned to fully control the chains this was his primary mode of combat. it should be noted that the door can be broken. If it breaks then the power goes into full fear and the chains rush out and start pulling in Organic matter. If that happens Gregorio would have to cancel the power and then reform the door again. Though it would take him a hour after it was unsummoned to re summon it.


Gregorio carries a stun gun, which almost nobody knows about.