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"..." - Hooded Man

Hooded Man is a 2nd year student of Yuuei in the same class as Toru and Adebayo (the Special Class ), since he doesn't like his real name, he would prefer that people call him by the pseudo he created, furthermore, nobody knows how he does really look either. The real reason behind all this mystery shrouding him is that he is really timid so he has difficulties to interact with most people. He posseses an emitter-type quirk called Animate .

Hooded Man
Hooded Man
Biographical Information
Personal Description
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 165 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color  ???
Eye Color  ???
Blood Type
Quirk Animate
Occupation Student at Yuuei High
Affiliation Yuuei High
Fighting Style
Base of Operations
Entrance Exam
Quirk Apprehension
Class' Grades
Voice Actor


Hooded Man has been aware of his quirk really soon in his life. When he was 6, his parents noticed that he passed all of his time in his room, playing with 20 centimers height golems to pass the time. But his quirk is also the reason why he didn't try to do something about his timidity until the entrance exam of Yuuei , since he considered his golems as some kind of friends with who he could always have some good time with. In the beginning, he didn't wanted to pass the exam because he didn't thought of himself worthy enough to become a hero, but the real reason was that he feared that his timidity would make people mocking him around. But even so, he tried to pass the exam and managed to be admitted in Yuuei High because of the possibilities his quirk could offer. In the school, even though he has difficulties to socialize with most people, he managed to found himself some friends who made the first step towards him, such as Toru or Adebayo . Slowly but surely, he becomes more and more sure of himself and his confidence make him more aware about his potential as a hero and his powers.


Hooded Man is a really timid person who, most of the time, would underestimate himself, often thinking that he's the weakest student in the highschool, or that it's a miracle that he managed to get there. But in reality his behavior greatly contrasts with the potential his quirk could offer. In fact, most teachers of his class told him that he needed to be more cofident with his powers since his quirk could rivalize with the strongests students' ones. Furthermore, he's also timid because of his small stature, making him really weak in close combat. But he trained really hard and learned how to avoid blows, as well as avoid people toward whom his timidity would be too strong , like somebody he would love.


-Avoidance :  Hooded Man trained himself really hard to be able to avoid most classical blows by using his small stature  as an avantage.

-Animate : This quirk allows its user to create golems out of materials which are completely obeidient to their master.


1/5 E
4/5 B
6/5 S
4/5 B
5/5 A
Hooded Man's stats, according to the creator.