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Quirk Information
Japanese Name 申し付ける
Rōmaji Name Mōshitsukeru
User Kanoka Tsuge
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Long Range (Voice Range)

Instruct (申し付ける Mōshitsukeru lit. Tell) is the Quirk used by Kanoka Tsuge.


Instruct allows Kanoka to influence reality and the minds of others by giving them an order.

By activating Instruct and prefacing her statement with "Kanoka says," she is able to control anyone into doing what is said. The Quirk's ability to affect others using the user's voice and mental suggestion can also manipulate and influence reality, providing that the said statement is meant to affect the target at all. Kanoka can cause spontaneous phenomenons to occur on her target as long as they are able to hear her voice and suggestions clearly. However, the statements must also be realistically achievable and have an effect on the physical world such as saying phrases like, "...that building will fall down and crush you." as opposed to directly manipulating reality to a more literal extent where she can compel people to just disappear from existence without cause or reason.


Kanoka is unable to brainwash her target or manipulate reality to affect them if they cannot hear her.


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  • The applications of the Quirk is based on the classic children's game "Simon Says", wherein one player takes the role of Simon and issues instructions to the other players.