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- " Your first mistake was to try to steal my pocket money from me, and the second one is that, sadly for you, you just bumped into your worst nightmare, hehe, we'll enjoy this together , shall we ? " -Kakuzo speaking to a student who tried to steal money from him.

- " You know, there are some times when you can't fight it , you just have to let your inner darkness consume you completely, because it feels so... great !" - Kakuzo, to Fumikage Tokoyami .

Kakuzo is a 2nd year student of Yuuei ( the Special Class ). Furthermore, Kakuzo is also on an internship in the highschool, the reason behind this is that Kakuzo was a former member of the League of Villains and that he could have informations about them, so this internship is in reality an imprisonment and the teachers of Yuuei are his gaolers. He posseses a tranformation type quirk named Schyzophrenia that he barely controls because of his unstable and psychopath nature.

Biographical Information
Personal Description
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type
Quirk Schyzophrenia
Occupation Intern of Yuuei High/Prisoner
Affiliation League of Villains (Former)
Fighting Style
Base of Operations
Entrance Exam
Quirk Apprehension
Class' Grades
Voice Actor


Kakuzo used to be a strong villain of the league who ended up defeated by a group of Yuuei pro heroes while he was causing havoc in a city by using his powers. Being condemned to jail for what he did, the autorities as well as the  hero association thought that for security reasons , it would be better if he was placed in a prison where heroes could always have an eye on him, so they decided to intern him in Yuuei Highschool as one of the students, this way there would always be heroes to stop him right way if he tried to use his powers to hurt people once more.


Kakuzo is a natural sadist as well as a psychopath, this may be a backdraft due to the nature of his quirk... But the thing is that Kakuzo isn't the type of person that others would like to talk to or even meet... This is why most students of Yuuei, who know his story, avoid him in order to stay safe from his grip. Sometimes, when his madness grows all of sudden, his quirk manifests itself, making the highschool enter into an evacuation plan in order to protect the weakest students from his powers.


He posseses a tranformation-type quirk called Schyzophrenia , allowing the entity inside of him to manifest itself and wreking everything in sight.


5/5 A
4/5 B
6/5 S
4/5 B
1/5 E
Kakuzo's stats, according to the creator.