"So far, yet so close, and guess what, this fight ends now." -Beverly Wade
Last Second, also known as HyperStimulus, is a quirk used by Beverly Wade.

Last Second
Last Second
Quirk Information
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
User Beverly Wade
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Augmentation (Conditional)
Quirk Range Within the user's line of sight.
First Appearance


Last Second is a quirk that grants the user superhuman strength, speed, and defense at the moment before something happens. Upon activation, the user retains newfound power for a limited period of time, ranging from a few seconds to a whole minute, depending on the severity of the situation. The situation can be almost getting hit by an attack, or witnessing another's imminent death. Aside from these effects, Last Second also grants the user inherent enhanced sensitivity to sound.

The quirk triggers through stimulus response, and is an overreaction to environmental factors that trigger stimulus. Once activated, the user's body undergoes drastic physiological changes as the heart races, bones harden, and muscle cells receive more brain signals than usual to grant the user superhuman characteristics for a brief period of time. Because of this, the quirk activates involuntarily, though the user can, with enough practice, activate it slightly earlier than usual, giving him/her an edge in battle.

Use of this quirk presents inherent risks of personal injury and death, especially to hose without physically fit bodies. It may trigger intense convulsions and seizures and, in the worst case scenario, a heart attack or stroke. Even to those whose bodies are ready for this quirk, they must not over-exert their bodies and learn to control how much strength they receive to avoid aforementioned side effects. For those who have anxiety, the risk of these happening are far greater.

Beverly Wade's Case

In Beverly Wade, the sensitivity to sound that this quirk grands works hand-in hand with her anxiety to complicate her life and impede her ability to function in public. It can also lead to unnecessary activations of this quirk, which meant that in her early years, she was constantly at risk of having a heart attack.