Lian Kyles
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Rian Kairu
Personal Description
Birthday January 16
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 119lbs
Hair Color platinum blonde
Eye Color brown
Blood Type
Quirk Harvest
Status Alive
Family Parents(deceased),Leo Kyles(twin brother),Martin Kyles(uncle),Dimitri Kyles(cousin)
Occupation student at Yuuei
Affiliation Class 1-Y
Fighting Style
Base of Operations
Entrance Exam 4th
Quirk Apprehension unknown
Class' Grades
Voice Actor

 Lian Kyles is an Australian student at Yuuei, who investigate the death of her parents with the help of her twin brother,Leo


Lian has platium blonde that she tied it in a high ponytail and brown eyes


She can be impulsive and mischievous but she is intelligent and loyal to the heroes. Lian is the opposite of her twin,who serious and calm. She also competative when playing baseball with brother and friends. 



When Lian was four,most kids bullied her and Leo for not having a quirk but her father,who is a Hero, told her that his quirk arrived when he was 13. One night, Lian and Leo saw their mom got killed by a mysterious streak. Her dad told her to run but her uncle grab her and Leo outside. After the attack,the twins went inside and saw both of their parents dead. She and Leo lived with their uncle and cousin,Dimitri. At the age of eleven,Lian developed her quirk along with brother.The two investigate the death of their parents and will bring justice to their family. Lian and Leo were both accept Yuuei and continued their investigation


Lian and Leo,along with shy Megami Ronshaku, rich boy Hikaru Saikou and Greek student Acteon,stayed in their classroom after classes,which is assigned teacher August Sanders,for a special investigation that involed with the mysterious streak


Harvest: Lian can control fruits or vegetables like grape vines and carrots but sometimes her powers get a bit out of hand when she gets too excited or mad. She is able to manipulate one kind of fruit/vegetable at a time. Her powers can't work without sunlight