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Light Capture
Quirk Information
Japanese Name ライトキャプチャー
Rōmaji Name Raitokyapuchā
User Ema Hanabi
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Long Range

Light Capture (ライトキャプチャー Raitokyapuchā) is the Quirk of Ema Hanabi.


Light Capture is a unique Quirk that allows Ema to absorb light and release it.

When Light Capture is activated, Ema absorbs light into her skin, causing her to glow brightly. She can release them all at once, creating a bright flash that can blind anyone who looks at it, or shoot beams of light from her hands and feet. Regular beams do not appear to be lethal but a powerful blast may cause severe burns.

Light Capture can also create a deep shadow by taking away light and leaving nothing but infinite darkness, causing confusion and disorientation to those inside what she calls the "shadow zone".


As light contains certain amount of ultraviolet rays, absorbing a great amount of light can cause severe sunburn, limiting Ema of her movements due to the pain.


Ema's usual battle tactic is to blind her opponents by releasing a bright flash, then attacking them with light beams while they are confused. She is also able to create a type of camouflage in shadowed places by taking away the remaining light from the area, covering her and allies in a shroud of darkness.

Since absorption of light causes her body to emit a bright glow, Ema can light up dark places for others to see, as well as having an absolute defense against Quirks that are weak to light. She can also act as a beacon to guide people who are lost or send out signals to her allies.