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Quirk Information
Japanese Name 拡声器
Rōmaji Name Kakusei-ki
User Shio Kanata
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Mutant
Quirk Range Long Range

Loudspeaker (拡声器 Kakusei-ki) is the Quirk of Shio Kanata.


Loudspeaker grants Shio round ears on his head that work like speakers.

Shio's ears have excellent hearing that allows him to detect sound from his surroundings and also recreate them at a much higher volume. He can mix the sounds together to make a random noise or layer them to make music. They can be converted into sound waves, dealing damage to his opponent's ears. Moreover, he can amplify the sound of his own voice to make himself heard without needing to shout.


If Shio amplifies a sound over his limit then his ears will start to bleed and he will go deaf for a while.