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"You can't even dream of challenging me!"

Maekan Jiru is a The Mathematics Teacher for Class 2-B of U.A.. The Seeing Hero: Looker is the 31st ranked hero. He is happy with his job at U.A., but thinks it is slowing down his career as a hero. He has great respect for Endeavor,. and shares similar traits with him.

Teaching Abilities

Mr. Jiru is very good with mathematics, as he can use his quirk to know different math equations. He is very nice to his students, outright giving them treats if there good.


His appearance resembles that of Enel from One Piece, who resembles a Raijin. He has an obsession with the Thunder God, outright saying he is one of the gods. His body is covered with jewelry from head to toe, and has no shirt. He has a bandana on his head much like "certain bandana headed rapper". His earlobes are quite long and stretch out, with earrings of gold on them. His true hair is in a afro like way, which makes him flustered and embarrassed. He is quite muscular, despite the fact that he is only 152 pounds. He is in mid twenties, meaning he is in prime and is not slowing down any time soon.


Jiru is well versed in the art of Bōjutsu, and uses it during a fight at all times. He straps his staff to his back when he needs it.


He has a quirk known as Preparation, and it is a Emitter Type that allows Jiru to see five seconds into the future before it actually happens. He can use this strategically to see what the opponent's next move is going to be, and or he can use it offensively to add on the knowledge of the future that he saw to increase his strength tenfold. This only lasts for 5 minutes, but that is a long time in the context of a fight.


Jiru treats all with respect except villains, who he strongly dislikes. He is very joyful and makes funny faces. He is quite cocky though, and thinks that his power is to strong to handle. He became a hero not to help humanity, but to get fame and fortune. When he fights villains, he does not care about the well being of other people except himself. He is also careless is battle, rarely planning out his attacks in battle. He does, however, process quick calculations in mind for math equations to solve.


Enel's reaction face

His reaction in a fight.

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