Manami Himari (Himari Manami ひまり真奈美) is a character in season 6. Her goal is to become a pro hero. Her hero form is Angel Reaper.



Manami has pale skin and red eyes with a little black around the iris. She has blood red hair with a black fade. She has small black horns on her head. Her ears are a little pointier than the others.

She wears white shirt white a black tie. She wears a black skirt with white lace around the end. She wears black transparent gloves (I'm a mindless bean and forgot white they're called) with matching socks. She also wears black boots.


Her hair is a little lighter than in her civilian form and has the same pointy ears. She still has her horns but she has a halo now. She wears a white coat under a black lacy bra. She has black pants and red boots. She now has black wings.


Himari was born quirkless like Deku but was given power by the angel Miyuki. Born an angel, she was transformed into a fallen angel due to the fact that the power isn't actually hers. She was banished to Earth and was found by Bakugou after being attacked by wolves during the night. When she healed 3 days later, she passed an exam that she was tested on to get into U.A high school.

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