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Mikumo Akatani is a First-Generation Replica created by Dark Serene and a minor villain in the Millennium Hearts series. He cares about Shoto Todoroki very much due to knowing what it is like to be practically abandoned by your own family.


Mikumo has short unruly black hair and blue eyes that seem to glow.

His villain costume consists of a black top with a raspberry bow-tie at the collar is worn beneath a checkered tile print jacket, coming in white, black, raspberry, and turquoise. From the bottom of the sleeves to the bottom of the torso is a strip of glittering black material. The collar, wrists, and center of the torso are turquoise with glitter coating and gold lining. On each wrist is a black glittering heart to match the shape of the lapel. Seven gold buttons are sewn to the torso on each side. Also sewn to the torso is a black and gold pocket with a single button, along with a black belt with a gold buckle. Dark emerald gloves. A pair of pants worn with a white belt accent by a gold heart. The top right corner and bottom left corners of the pants are black, while the bottom right on the right leg is raspberry, and the top left on the left leg is turquoise. The top left of the right leg and bottom right of the left leg is patterned to match the jacket. Dull blue boots with a gradient effect. The strings, sole, and inside is raspberry. A glittering black top hat with two gold bands around the middle. The pattern is split, mainly raspberry alternating with white, but with a small amount colored turquoise and black in the corners.

While he was an idol, he wore a black jacket that features glittering sections of orange, along with silver and gold details. A pale gold fringe-trimmed the bottom of the jacket to accent the straps on the torso. Beneath the jacket was turquoise while lilac feathers adorned the shoulders and back of the jacket in a slightly darker color. Glittering black pants with a gold line going down each leg with a white belt. A sparkling white pair of shoes with silver tongues and thin straps laced over them. The soles are pale brown with small wedge heels.


He is at first shown to be a serious adult who helps lead the Black Rose Coalition. But after meeting Shoto and seeing how much he was traumatized by his own family, he decided to "give him the love he actually deserved". While Shoto was under his quirk's control, he showed a very kind and loving side of himself, promising to never abandon him. Mikumo also seems to possess an overprotective trait, which shows clearly when the Heavenly Heroes try to take Shoto back with Mikumo threatening to kill their own families if they even tried to take his "son" away from him.


Overall Abilities: He seems to have the same physical capabilities as a normal human being but is shown to have less emotional control.

Musical Talent: Due to the Quirk he was "born" with, he has a beautiful singing voice, almost rivaling Seto Kaiba's.


Hypnotic Lullaby: Mikumo's Quirk allows him to control anyone who he directs his voice to and he can even manipulate their memories by replacing someone close to them with himself.


  • Mikumo's name came from the prototype of Izuku Midoriya's.
  • He is more or less based on the Disney Villain Ursula due to her power to manipulate others through Ariel's voice.
  • He could possibly be a prototype Replica of Dark due to his Shadow Self's line when he thinks his "child" would be taken away from him "again".