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My Hero Academia: Miracle Guardians (僕のヒーローアカデミア:奇跡の勇者 Boku no hīrōakademia: Kiseki no yūsha lit. Miraculous Brave), is an original My Hero Academia fiction-inspired story created by the user Laurphx7. It's a series focusing on ways to become a hero, in this case, Miracle Guardians, who grants miracle and safety for many people, while also has normal subjects in a prestigious academy. Even if the lore is very different than My Hero Academia, it is still the same universe with a different lore and spinoff.

Miracle Guardians



Kiseki no Gādian/Kiseki no Yuusha

Main Character(s)

Kyoji Tsunarou, Masato Netsujo, Tenmao Habazaki


Super Hero, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Slight Romance, Isekai, Slice-of-Life

Theme Song

Opening: Promise by Raon Lee

Ending: Rewind Memory by Gojo Mayumi and Miyamoto Kanako


A 16-year-old boy, Kyoji Tsunarou, is born presumably quirkless. Finding out that he is a late bloomer, his power would grow slowly till much later. With efficient training, he can surpass even the veteran mages.

However, an evil organization cult puts the whole world and hypnotize them to obey their commands, and what people need is a Miracle, a Wish, to puts the end of the evil cult. Since MYZWO has a shortage of heros, the citizens can't defend themselves, falling into despair, and turn into giant creature called Rakspair. Enrolling in a prestigious academy, Kyouji meets a lot of friends and some rivals, as their premise and wish is to become a Miracle Guardian that can defend the world against the evil organization, while embracing his newfound quirk that he had developed as a Late Bloomer.

What the class 10.1 did not know, is that one of them are either reincarnated beings, dolls that lives without a purpose, or clones of their original selves. As Kyoji later found out he is and the other students.


Main Characters


  • The anime has made in her head ever since second grade. She also writes short stories in second grade, such as Pity! The Princess, Dragon vs Werewolf, Ninja~ Hime, and she even made her own anime fanfiction of Angry Birds Stella.
  • Dragon vs Werewolf is a story also assisted by the author's younger brother.
  • The anime's concept is inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Smile Pretty Cure, Sword Art Online, Heartcatch Pretty Cure, UQ Holder!, The Irregular at Magic High School, and My Hero Academia of course. Their roles of power users also inspired by League of Legends.
  • Even though the show has a light hearted Slice-of-life genre, the creator hinted that there will be mature themes about despair, and how the characters personality approach into it.
  • The series hinted to break stereotypes out of one's character, feminism, and true love.
  • The series is on the same universe as My Hero Academia, just different lores, characters are not in the same school as the story, but just an alteration of the alternate universe with major changes.
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