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Quirk Information
Japanese Name オーバードライブ
Rōmaji Name Ōbādoraibu
User Ukyo Wakunari
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Long Range

Overdrive (オーバードライブ Ōbādoraibu) is the Quirk used by Ukyo Wakunari.


Overdrive allows Ukyo to channel his bio-electricity into sound waves by twanging the organs protruding on his chest.

These sound waves discharge in all directions, hitting everything around him with the electricity infused to it. When Ukyo strums his chest organs to generate electricity, the sounds of an electric guitar fills his surroundings in a loud echo. The noise made from the protrusions on his chest vibrate throughout his body whenever he strums and becomes stronger if he generates a lot of electricity.

The vibrations caused by the sound also reverberate throughout a person's body and either hits the nerves with his bio-electrical energy to paralyze them or scramble their personal bio-electric rhythms to shock them. When his bio-electricity is used against machines, they either malfunction or explode, depending on the strength of his vibrations.


Since Ukyo's Quirk Factor is located on his chest, he is susceptible to chest pains if he generates too much electricity, which also causes the vibration of the sound waves to become stronger. Vibrations that are too strong will leave him paralyzed for a while.


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Super Moves

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  • The concept of Overdrive was originally a fusion of Earphone Jack and Electrification.
  • Overdrive is based on the signature move of Toxtricity from Pokémon.