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Quirk Information
Japanese Name 光合成
Rōmaji Name Kōgōsei
User Daisuke Ryouichi
Quirk Description
Quirk Type n/a
Quirk Range Mid-Range
First Appearance

Photosynthesis (光合成) is a Quirk which is utilized by Daisuke Ryouichi.


Photosynthesis is an unclassified quirk, however not an unexplained one. This Quirk functions by allowing Ryou to absorb sunlight, and solar energy, and then later utilize them in combat in various forms, whether they be flames, or lasers. As such, the Quirk itself has a drawback, this is that it has a limited amount of fuel, which is the sunlight and solar energy, and as such must be recharged. If Ryou manages to release all of the light stored within him, it will take him a while to recharge once more. The name of this quirk itself however, is not in vain.

While it can be used offensively, it can also be used defensively. Like photosynthesis, this Quirk is able to convert sunlight and solar energy into fuel for the body, which would allow the user of the Quirk, in this case Ryou, to replenish his energy, health, or even enhance his physical capabilities to greater extents. To activate this quirk, Ryou has the general habit of imagining himself urinating, due to the feeling being similar, as he is releasing large amounts of built up solar energy (and the fact that he first used his quirk by urinating). It has been shown that when this quirk is being used, it is signified by a flame appearing on the user's head, as well as their eyes turning a distinctive "sun" color, of a beautiful combination of orange, yellow, and red. This in turn makes it near impossible to sneakily use the quirk.