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Power Orb Randomizer
Quirk Information
Japanese Name パワーオーブランダマイザー
Rōmaji Name Pawā Ōbu Randamaizā
User Ahiru Kamoshida
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Medium Range

Power Orb Randomizer (パワーオーブランダマイザー Pawā Ōbu Randamaizā) is the Quirk used by Ahiru Kamoshida.


Power Orb Randomizer grants Ahiru the ability to create spheres of energy with varying results.

These energy spheres can produce numerous possible outcomes, ranging from harmless substances such as slime to more dramatic reactions like explosions. Although they have specific effects between their solid and liquid forms, the results from both are completely randomized and set at the time of its manifestation.

Results for its liquid form are: slippery liquid, sticky slime, hardening substance

Results for its solid form are: jelly, water bomb, rubber, stink bomb

Ahiru can increase the size of the spheres and also split them into several small pieces to make more of the same byproduct. On another note, the orbs are white and oval-shaped, giving them the appearance of eggs; the substance is orange in color.


The unpredictability of Power Orb Randomizer make it extremely challenging to use properly in combat, especially if the user is in a pinch. Since the results of the spheres cannot be fully determined, it is difficult to plan a strategy using its abilities.


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Super Moves

  • Egg Shell (エッグシェル Eggusheru): Ahiru encapsulates himself or his target in hardening substance that protects them from attacks. The outer layer of the capsule is nearly indestructible while the inner layer is weaker and easier to break.


  • Power Orb Randomizer is based on the Metronome, Assist, and Hidden Power from Pokémon.
  • The varying results of the orbs are related to the characteristics of eggs.
  • Ahiru and his friends jokingly refer to the spheres as "eggs".