This page is the property of Camaror, so please don't modify it. Thank you and enjoy your reading ! Puppeteer is a quirk used by Hide, it allows its user to control the movements of all the persons he touched on the same day with his hand noly by his thoughts, making them move and even use their own quirks (if they have one) against their will. However, the quirk's control, in spite of being really strong, isn't absolute, it is possible for persons who have enough willpower to hinder the quirk's grip on them, making it harder for Hide to make them do what he wants, some people who had a huge willpower even managed to break to quirks' grip on them and free themselves from Hide's control. When his quirk is activated, the people he touched with his hand during the day and who he wants to control are surrounded by a pink aura which is in reality the emanation of Hide's quirk grip on them. More over, when his quirk is activated, an arm made of pink energy appears where there are none, which helps him to fight since the strengh and resistance of this arm are unhuman. However, when it is midnight, his quirk " resets" itself, meaning that all the puppets he had during the current day are released from the power of its quirk, meaning that if he wants to control them again he has to touch them with his hand once more.

Quirk Information
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
User Hide
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Short to long range
First Appearance


Puppeteer's Arm : The quirk allows Hide to have a second arm made of his quirk's energy, being useful for fighting because of its unhuman strengh and resistance.

Puppet Control : All persons touched by Hide on the same day by his hand are potentials puppets which he can controls as he will, making them do whatever he wants even if it is against their will.