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"Exceed Expectations! Be Courageous!"
—Rokuyuuki's Motto

Rokuyuuki High School (六勇気高校 Rokuyūki Kōkō?) lit. Six Courages High School) or RAYE Campus (レイ学園 Raye Gakuen), is a famous and well-known hero boarding school located in West Miraien, where students learn and trains to be a Pro Hero. It is a school that has the top academics in subjects of quirks, heroes, and more. The School is designed similarly to a medieval, magic-like castle. Their rival school is Ethereal High School. It was established in 1981.

It is one of the primary locations in which the plot (Miracle Guardians: Dimensions and Depths) takes place.

Mission Statement

The school Mission Statement is to let the students have an expensive and top quality education while having a caring environment for many aspiring students when entering the students, either for the veterans or the new students.

School Houses


  • Crimson
  • Navy
  • Viridian
  • Citrine

- Crimson: Determined and passionate people that embraces two types of courage: Physical Courage and Moral Courage. Crimsons know that a heart with passion is their drive to success to being a Miracle Guardian, even though some measures has to be taken and Crimsons get troubles at times. Crimsons sometimes displays their attitude as most shounen main protagonists. Crimsons can be a bit of an arrogant, headstrong, and stubborn people, that don't even care with people warning them to be careful of their decisions.

Sometimes, Crimsons can be a bit clumsy and naive, but they never realize being naive, and if they know they are naive, they snapped it back really quick. Crimsons is a person who never become an audience if someone is bullied or threatened. Crimsons usually stands up to bullies, even means getting beaten up or being called to the detention. Crimsons can be a bully, with their arrogant nature, but mostly, they never realize their mistakes, as mostly, they always learns the hard way.

- Navy: Intelligent and wise people that embraces one type of courage: Intellectual Courage. Navies are ones that can calm down Crimsons and Citrines. The typical blue ranger of shojo anime and super sentai, Navies usually works their position as a student council, the nerd and student rep (or student vice rep). They are the calm waters that can soothe the rocky roads, and the one that can solve the unsolved situations of one's dark past. Navies are observant and the "straight A" students. The flip side of the coin is that Navies are not playing when it comes to competitions.

Navies believes, if their goal did not work, they would be working until their body can't take it, even if it means burning themself out. Navies are not ones who are keen to be short tempered person, but if provoked, they will still keep controlling their anger while lashing out on people that was bothering them. Navies eventually become a meme in the school due to their cope with annoying people. Navies are hard working people that will work hard for people to recognize their blood, sweat, and tears.

- Viridian: Mysterious and genuine people that embraces two types of courages: Spiritual Courage. Viridians are the ones who never gives and f to situations, much to the three houses's dismay. Viridians still believe their goals means a lot to them, but sometimes, Viridians takes a backward step to relax after an exhausting chase for their goal. Viridians are an introvert, along with Navies, as they make great friends despite their differences. Viridians has a stern personality that sometimes their genuine truths can hurt people while he said the controversial subject. Viridians believes that people have to get hurt by the truth rather than getting exposed by a lie.

Viridians has viewed as an edgy and emo people by many houses, but they are just normal people. Viridians seems like they don't care about their surroundings, but they always analyze and watches every single move people do and they are claimed "lie-detectors". Viridians are ignorant when it comes to consenquences, and they are not the type of getting fooled and manipulated by people. Even though Viridians are ignorant and smug, they are mature alongside Navy, but their approach of the situation is more of the dark, unlikely good truth than Navy. This is why Citrines often gets very sensitive when it comes to Viridians due to their being a painful realist.

- Citrine: Positive and energetic people that embraces two types of courages: Emotional Courage and Social Courage. Citrines are a very positive energy ball that helps people.


R.Y.H.S Staffs

R.Y.H.S Staff
Name Hero Name Quirk Position
Heiwa Mitsumoto Light Defender Hero: Three Light Light Generation Principal
Juurou Rijishima Wand Wielder Hero: Mr. Rigid Discipline School Director
Chiyui Mimura Heart Field Hero: Healun Healing Wand Nurse
Shiochi Utatabe Lunch Galore Food Generation Chef
Ranchi Hakata N/A N/A Lead Chef
Ichika Inochi N/A Counsel Counsellor

RYHS High Teachers
Name Hero Name Quirk Position
Iwaseki Mineyama High Climber Hero: Mount Rocker Mountain Class 10.1 HG Teacher
Roha Shinonaga Spinning Sword Hero: Rohana Shinonaga Spinning Sword Class 10.1 Assistant HG Teacher
Hayate Arashi Raging Tempest Hero: Gale Aerokinetic Class 10.2 HG Teacher
Takara Zinnia Treasurer Hero: Zee Zinnia Class 10.2 Assistant HG Teacher
Ronri Sugaku Logical Hero: Mind Logic Diffusion Class 10.3 HG Teacher + Math Teacher
Rika Hoshimi Bio Teacher: Lievera Life Restore Class 10.3 Assistant HG Teacher + Science Teacher
Ruri Suiren Droplet Hero: Fontaine Fountain English Teacher
Fuwa Shosha Hypnosis Confusion Hero: Discord Toy Manipulation Social Studies Teacher
Ren'Ai Mihashi LAFS Hero: Miou Fleurion Literature Teacher
Gaku Rekishi History Filled Hero: Telekinetic Psychokinesis History Teacher
Katsudo Ouija Power Hero: Champ. Overkill Strong Fist P.E + Training Teacher
Utarou Kujou Metronome Hero: Musico Metronome Music Teacher
Kamen Gekijo Mask Refraction Hero: Incognito Incognito Drama Teacher
Mai Idousui Aqua Wave Hero: Waverly Wave Manipulation Dance Teacher

RYHS Students

Class 10.1
Name Hero Name Quirk Seat Number
Yuni Yugure Milky Way Hero: Cosmona Cosmic No. 1
Class Rep: Yurika Suiren Beautiful Lotus Hero: Lass Lily Water Lily No. 2
Aikou Kisegawa Luminous Mage Hero: Lucy Dawn Illuminate No. 3
Chouko Aizaki Butterfly Hero: Vanessa Ageha Swallowtail Butterfly No. 4
Kyoji Tsunarou Sphere Fist Hero: Immobilizer Magic Sphere No. 5
Azuko Tokei Clockwork Hero: Kurokku Clockwork No. 6
Nikki Kanae Fantasy Diary Hero: Kanata Magic Pen No. 7
Tatsuya Kiryuu Dragonborn Hero: Ryuuga Dragon Specter No. 8
Sana Mihama Coral Reef Hero: Cora Ambrose Coral No. 9
Kaguya Kemuri Abyss Sorceress Hero: Void Girl Smoke Beast No. 10
Class Vice Rep: Kion Reizaki Spectrum Ghost Hero: Ascendion Free Levitate No. 11
Kyudo Yajino Night Sky Hero: Archie Arrow No. 12
Maruko Teburi Hand Gesture Hero: Mark Gesture Manipulation No. 13
Miel Hatsugasa Swan Lake Hero: Dollette Parasol No. 14
Hano Mitsuo Light-Dark Hero: Lucian/Kieran Brightness and Darkness No. 15
Matsuhiro Ryuusei Meteorite Hero: Theodore Kazandou Magma Meteor No. 16
Umeko Amegihara Sweet Embrace Hero: Märchen Candy No. 17
Kairu Takinami Sea Dweller Hero: Leviathan Sea Serpent No. 18
Tenmao Habazaki Blue Rose Hero: Percival Thayne Magic Dagger No. 19
Hoseki Hino Crystal Gem Hero: Ophelia Jewel Crystallite No. 20
Class 10.2
Name Hero Name Quirk Seat Number
Shigeru Hoshitsuki Windworks Hero: Shi-san Work No. 2
Jikuu Hachizune Warping Hero: Zeke Space-time No. 3
Kirana Kaname Glimmer Hero: Ifuku Glitter No. 4
Honoka Seirei Spring Breeze Hero: Haruhime Petal Bloom No. 5
Lana Miruyo Night Mage Hero: Lana Magius No. 6
Oliver Kazuya Firework Hero: Kazu
Akina Momiji
Ima Midorizawa Green Mint Hero: Midori Mint Breeze No. 12
Yūki Ōja Courage Hero: Blast Off Blast Off No. 15
Tomo Sakuragi Cherry Heart Hero: Cheryl Cherry No. 16

Known Alumnis/Veterans

  • Veterans

Veterans, is an "unofficial" term of students/staffs that has been in the school for a long time, more than 5 years or even old as the school debut.

Name Hero Name Quirk Class Years Active
Yurika Machino Petal Bloom Hero: Lass Lily Flower Petal 10.1 7 Years
Tomo Sakuragi Cherry Heart Hero: Cheryl Cherry 10.2 8.5 Years
Harumi Nanako Spring Leaf Hero: Emerald Disc Thrower 10.1 10 Years



  • The school name, Rokuyuuki High School, can be translated to Six Courages High School.
    • The school also learns about six types of courages, and has a school house based on it.
    • Students can costumise the winter and summer outfits, but it needs to be appropriate and not standing out too much.
  • The founder of the school is Dean Chiseijin and Kyudai Mahokomine.
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