This page is the property of Camaror, so please don't modify it. Thank you and enjoy your reading! Schizophrenia is a quirk used by Kakuzo , this transformation-type quirk allows its user to be possessed by a dark entity with nightmarish powers. The entity has absolutely no human feelings and only wants to devour and torture everything he sees by using his darkness.

Quirk Information
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
User Kakuzo
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Transformation
Quirk Range Short to long range
First Appearance


Darkness manipulation: The entity can control the darkness surrounding him as well as the darkness his body is made of. The presence of light can weaken the monster.

       -Dark Body: The entity being made of darkness, physical attacks aren't much efficient against it.

      -Eternal Nightmare: By taking somebody and looking him in the eyes deeply, the entity can make its victim fall into a an illusion during which he lives his worsts nightmares, the illusion lasts as long as the entity is active, while the person's mind is affected by this strong illusion, he/she cannot move from an inch, completely disabling him/her during a battle. Only one person at a time can be affected by this technique, furthermore any physical damage sustained by the target under the illusion or a strong will might break it.

      -Nightmare Sphere: By surrounding darkness all around him, the entity can create an area full of shadow where he can freely lurk to attack the people caught in it. The persons trapped in this sphere can't hear or see anything, furthermore, the attacks of the entity in the sphere are way stronger because of the complete darkness of the area. 

      -Suffocation: The entity can create a material grip out of darkness, making any people who are surrounded by shadow to suffocate because of the darkness' grip on their throats.

      -Darkness solidification: The entity can condense his shadows to turn it into a matter which is harder than steel, he can for example turn his arms into shadow blades that can cut almost everything. Furthermore, he can also extend his limbs to a certain range, making him kind of elastic.