Separate or as Boxer calls it Disperse is a Quirk that allows him to separate his body and freely control said parts.

File:Bara Bara no Mi in Use.png
Quirk Information
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
User Boxer
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Transformation
Quirk Range All Ranges
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1


This quirk allows the users body to freely float apart from the main body. These parts can float around and move at extreme speeds. Since the body parts are not connected to the body they aren't limited by the main bodies abilities allowing the user to lift heavier objects, This skill also makes the user immune to cuts due to the persons body simply separating instinctively. Boxer mainly uses these skills to punch and kick the opponents at extreme speeds. This ability is not immune to blunt attacks and Boxer must keep track of all the parts that are separated from the main body. Boxer has learned how to separate himself so much that he can make his whole body into small cubes making it harder to hit him.


Rocket Punch: Boxer separates his fist from his body at a sonic speed in order to deliver a devastating punch he can also use his legs and feet to create a Rocket Kick

Knockout Punch: Boxer gets underneath the opponent before upper cutting them with a rocket punch sending them into the air. He can follow up with a another more powerful rocket fist when they come down to create a Total Knockout Punch.

Finger Pistol: After taking his gloves off Boxer repels his finger so fast that it has the same effect as a bullet. He can use all of his fingers (except for his thumbs which he uses like triggers) and create the Finger Mini gun.

Fist Frenzy: Boxer separates his feet from the rest of his body making his whole body float thus giving him more speed. He then hits the opponent repeatedly.

Tornado Combat: Boxer separates all of his limbs and then surrounds the target. After this he then hits them at sonic speeds from all angles. He can continue separating until he reaches his max separation to create the Combat Hurricane.

Nuclear Punch: Boxer uses all of his force and power to deliver a rocket punch so fast and powerful that it feels like a punch from all might himself.