Shokimako, also called Chameo(Hero name) is a student at Yuuei Academy Class 1-L


Shokimako is known for his weird appearance. He has messy dark green hair,large muitlcoloured eyes,pale skin, small ears and an extremely long tongue. He is 5.5 in height and is slim in appearance.


Shokimakoi is very upbeat and talkative. Usually getting carried away in a discussion or debate. He likes practical pranks and likes to surprise people for fun. A very honest and blunt person. Always having his honest opinion on matters and can be rude sometimes with his remarks.

Quirk and Abilities

Chameleon: A transformation based quirk. The user can change the colour of their skin like a chameleon can. The user has a long sticky tongue that can grasp on to objects,buildings and people as well. The user can also pull things with their tongue. Another aspect of the quirk is that the has 360 degree vision. Being able to see in front,behind,above and below themselves at the same time.

Natural Abilities

Acrobatics: Shokimaki is skilled in acrobatics. Being able to do flips and other acrobatic techniques with ease and skill.