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Shozuko Sejio ({{{2}}} Sejio Shozuko?), also known as ALPHA (アルファ Arufa?), is a first-year student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero.

Early Life

Much like Shinjiru Haken, he was your typical quiet kid in your school, keeping to himself. He seemed to be interested in sports, and started doing them at the age of 9, which could be the same age he manifested his Quirk, unlike the average ages of 4 or younger. He at one point decided to attend U.A. High School, training accordingly to one of the best schedules out there. Even after attending U.A., he still trains to become the strongest of the strongest.


Shozuko is a young man of average height with black fluffy hair with strands that point at different angles, with bangs that shadow over his eyes. His eyes are green in color and freckles under them. He gives off a tired look. He bears a shocking resemblance to Izuku Midoriya.

During school hours, he wears the usual school uniform (a long-sleeve, button-up white shirt, a gray jacket with blue-green stripes, a red tie, and dark blue-green pants), although replaces the dress shoes with black sneakers. He also wears a watch.

His hero costume consists of a black suit, baggy pants and he sports black, knee-high combat boots. There are two dots at the side of his boots indicating the support company that designed his costume.



He is quiet, but he talks if he needs to. But if you get to know him better he’ll just talk to you randomly. He likes to watch memes and enjoys training. He likes to draw and paint.

His hobbies are drawing, watching memes, training, eating and meditating. He loves to read manga and watch anime.


Overall Abilities: Shozuko is a very formidable combatant, knowing martial arts, fighting head on most of the time and incapacitating his opponents. He is also a good strategist, making plans almost easily with enough accuracy. It is said he trained rigorously to get where he is today.


The user has an unusual and mysterious power in which its origins or mechanics are a enigmatic by its nature. This kind of power is unable to be understood by mere mundane, leaving the nature of it up for speculation by its functionalities, possibly even to its users, making it highly difficult to understand and even control.



6/5 A+
6/5 A+
6/5 A+
6/5 A+
1/5 D-
Shozuko Sejio's stats, according to the creator.

6/6 S
6/6 S
6/6 A
6/6 S
Mental State
5/6 S
Shozuko Sejio's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book

Battles & Events

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

  • Provisional Hero License Exam

Shouto Agency Arc

  • Hero Work-Studies: Round 2


  • He is one of the top 5 students in his class when it comes to intelligence, and one of the 3 when it comes to power.
  • Shozuko is friends with Shinjiru Haken and Akazuko Midoriya. It is said that he and Shinjiru get along the most because they understand each other.
  • His Quirk follows the Quirk Singuarity Theory.
  • He has a unique mind biologically made for his Quirk, so if you steal or copy his quirk nothing would happen.
  • The biology of his mind cannot be understood therefore cannot be replicated.
  • He is friends with Hanako Amajiki.


  • (To Shinjiru in training): " Let’s do this."