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Quirk Information
Japanese Name 嵐 シフト
Rōmaji Name Arashi Shifuto
User Shion Kurama

Leona Atiena

Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Short/Medium/Long Range
First Appearance

Stormshifter (ストームシフターSutōmushifutā) is a Quirk used by Leona Atiena.


Stormshifter allows user to shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping into anything while using Electrokinesis. Stormshifter stems from the fusion of Electrokinesis Quirk and Shapeshifting Quirk. As a result, Stormshifter is perfectly divided between her.

This gives the user two powerful separate methods of combat that they may use regardless of the other.

Super Moves


  • can charge up power
  • Shapeshifting and adapting to any environment
  • Can balance both Positive and Negative energy with them


  • If users uses too much of the Quirk they'll get hypothermia
  • When using Electro Combat, their defensive abilities can sometimes be lacking
  • If she stays extended periods in single form may start affecting her behavior or even make her forget her true self.
  • Be limited on how long transformation can last.
  • May revert back to original form when unconscious or asleep.

Known Users

  • Shion Kurama
  • Ryu Akabane
  • unnamed fourth wielder


  • Stormshifter is part of One For All
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