The Gate
The Gate
Quirk Information
Japanese Name ゲート
Rōmaji Name Gēto
User Gregorio
Quirk Description
Quirk Type n/a
Quirk Range Mid-Range
First Appearance

The Gate is a Quirk used by Gregorio


The name Gate refers to the power's close resemblance to the gates of hell.

The Gate quirk is a summon type that brings up a gigantic gate just above Gregorio's head. When active it opens up and sends out a massive amount of chains. These chains are directed by Gregorio who then sends them toward a target. They pierce the body of the target and then drag them inside.


Inside the gate one is trapped in a sub space were you do not know what is up and what is down. Your body becomes simply floats around in a gravity less environment.

If Gregorio desires he can release you from the gate at will.


The gate however has one major flaw. The first being the chains only take in organic material. That means robots, bullets, cars, and buildings are not affected. Second the gate chains lash out at the nearest Organic material available. Gregorio has some control over them, but if he is not careful he can trap in innocent people and including himself. This is why he summons it above his head to prevent it from grabbing himself.