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Quirk Information
Japanese Name チューン
Rōmaji Name Chūn
User Hana Sachiko
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Unknown
Quirk Range Unknown
First Appearance


Tune (チューン, Chūn) is a Quirk which is utilized by Hana Sachiko.


Tune  is quite the versatile Quirk. The power in short, allows one to manipulate their voice and its effects, usually through song, making this the Quirk fit for a bard! This said, the true effects of this quirk lies behind its potential tactical use. The possibilities are seemingly endless. From altering how your voice may sound, to making your voice destructive, to even giving your voice the ability to heal, and strengthen others, making it the perfect Quirk for anyone, whether they are supportive, offensive, or defensive.

Like all quirks, this one is not without weaknesses. This Quirk though versatile, works just like a normal voice, as such, it can strain your vocal cords and damage them. This is especially true if the voice is pushed beyond its limits, or exceeds an area out of its vocal range for quite a bit, the side-effects causing Hana to go mute for a short time.