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Furu's hero outfit.


Ugoku Furu is a student in Class 2-A of Shiketsu High. He is from Scotland, and thus talks in a Scotish Accent. His hero name is known as The Spinning Hero: Helicoptior. He is very good with his quirk. His parents are an unnamed mother who died with a speed based quirk and Tobu Furu, who influences his son to be the 1# hero. His actual name is Oliver Furu, but he is called Ugoku Furu in Japan.


Furu is quite angry like his culture. Sometimes he can be angry in a funny way, such as get angry at a dumb joke. He has a sense of humor with any jokes involving banana peels and typhoons. He also has the signature catchphrase of, "How the stinkin' hell does that work?".


Furu loves to drink root beer and loves to eat pie, but hates both takoyaki and apple juice.


Furu's Quirk is known as Mayhem, and it is an Transformation Type that allows Furu to shake his body or body parts at the speed of sound, creating shockwaves and wind gusts around his body. After he spins, he suffers recoil and if he uses it too much, he collapses. He can channel the wind onto an object, such as a blade or boomerang. It is important to know that his wind goes at a short distance, and the shockwaves can only push back characters near it.


Furu is slim and weighs 129 pounds, and standing at 5'11. He has black hair and blue eyes and wears the Shiketsu hat. He prefers to wear a jacket, even in hot climates. He wears a purple shirt, which he greatly values and loves. If his shirt gets hurt, he will go at full power at the thing that hurt his coat, even if it is a gust of wind or the floor.

Super Moves

King Tornado

He spins around his body and releases a devastating tornado.

Wind Swell

He coats a sword in wind.

Hero Suit

Furu's suit allows for him to channel his wind directly from his palms in a straight line and allows for more use. It also allows for semi-flight by walking on his gusts.


The Seven Deadly Schmucks (The Seven Deadly Sins Abridged) - Episode 1

Yellow guy has the same voice as Furu.

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