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"I wouldn't write anything or you'll face my wrath"

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The Battle of Waifus

Hello, I am Sakura0Xavier (サクラ ザビエル, Sakura Zabieru) and whalecome to my profile page. I am a wiki admin who is just here to have fun with one and all as well as help any users who need it. I live in Scotland, I am 19-years-old and my favourite colour is pink. I am a bit crazy but I really just want to meet new people and have fun. Feel free to come to talk to me, I don't bite! I am active almost every day on Discord and I am fairly active on this here wiki and more. I go by the pronouns of She/her/hers.

I love a lot of anime most of which being idol related animes but I do love some action pack animes at times. If you want to see all the animes I have watched to date please check out my MAL (my anime list).

Quick Facts

Here is some quick facts about the author!

  • The authors' favorite colour is pink
  • The authors' favorite hair colour is blue
  • The authors' favorite anime is Symphogear
  • The authors' favorite type of anime is idol anime
  • The authors' favorite idol group is i☆Ris
  • The author has been editing for nearly four years on FANDOM wikis
  • The author is part of a few "groups", one is known as AAN and the other is known for being nerds.
  • The authors' favorite character of hers is Maaya Xavier with Miranda Amastacia being close second.
  • The authors' favorite page (outside of her own) is Andrei Sokolov
  • The authors' favorite character out of the MHA anime is Todoroki
  • The author is very sarcastic
  • The author gets bored a lot
  • The author has realized these aren't quite quick facts anymore


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The Innocence of Evil

Troupe Story

Académie Recruitment

Avalon Missions


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