Quirk Information
Japanese Name 電圧
Rōmaji Name Den'atsu
User Juden Seiteki
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Long Range
First Appearance

Voltage (電圧 Den'atsu) is the quirk possessed by Juden Seiteki


Voltage allows Juden to discharge electricity out of his body that eletrocutes anyone who touches it. Voltage provides Juden with a defensive mechanism that causes peopel to get shock that either cause paralysis or paralyze the victim. When Juden discharges his electricity it goes in all directions making it harder to control but makes it easier to attack opponents who aren't in close range. He is also able to emit his electricity into a straight line


Voltage is useless for long range because the user doesn't have enough control for when it get's discharge long range. Insulated materals or other Electic-Quirk users are immune to Juden's Quirk.


Juden has almost mastered his quirk being able to discharge a limitless amount of electricity before short-circuiting.

Super Moves

  • Limitless Volts (無制限のボルト Museigen No Boruto): Juden dischanges a limitless amount of electricity within a time period
    • 24 Hour Discharge (24時間放電 24-Jikan Hōden): Juden discharges a limitless amount of electricity within a 24 hour period. This move commonly makes Juden short-circuit afterwards
    • 1 Minute Discharge (1分間の放電 1-Funkan No Hōden): Juden dischrges a huge amount of electricity within 1 minute, short-circuiting his brain afterwards
  • Light Dance (軽いダンス Karui Dansu): Full Name: Lightning Dance of the Electricity. Juden covers all of him in electricity and avoids this opponents attacks and counters them by shooting electricity at them, or lets his opponent attack him if they are a close-range fighter and let's them get electocuted
  • Judgement (判定 Hantei): Juden shoots his electricity up into the air then goes down on whomever he wanted it to hit. Juden would have to put a tracking device on them that conducts electricity so it would hit them


  • Voltage is based off of Laxus Dreyar's ability: Thunder Palace
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