Yandere Trance
Yandere Trance
Quirk Information
Japanese Name 恍惚のヤンデレポーズ
Rōmaji Name Yandere Trance
User Heroic Chainsaw
Quirk Description
Quirk Type Emitter
Quirk Range Eye sight
First Appearance


Yandere Trance is the quirk ability of Heroic Chainsaw. Her quirk power makes anyone who looks into her eyes fall madly in love with her for a hour. The power is activated by a stare.


Can take control of enemy units and use them against the larger group.


Does not work on robots and animals. It can also possibly backfire and cause the person you control to attack you. The person under the power is not under direct control of he user. So what they would do depends on what they would do as a person. So if the guy kills people he likes and wears there skin well, yeah you get the picture.